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Struggling with an Eating Disorder...

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CAS Counseling is an integrated, mind-body psychotherapy center in the Raleigh-Durham area specializing in the treatment of Eating Disorders. We provide TeleTherapy (video-conferencing) using HIPAA-compliant technology.
We help you recover from:
Eating Disorders  •  Binge Eating  •  Emotional Eating  •  Weight Obsession  •  Body Image Distress  •  Anorexia  • Bulimia  •  Anxiety  •  Depression
Are you struggling with a difficult life transition?   Are you depressed or anxious?
Do you have an eating disorder, trauma, or relationship challenges?


Our team is here to help!

At CAS Counseling we recognize that each person is on a unique journey.  Whether you long for relief from the despair of depression, escape from the torment of anxiety, or freedom from the obsessions associated with anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating, we help you discover your individual strengths and dreams as we join with you to achieve your goals.  We are your partners on this journey – you are not alone.