CAS Counseling is now providing therapy services through video conferencing.

This option is available to both new and existing patients.
What is Teletherapy?

Patients with a scheduled video session will be provided with a unique and secure video conference link, access code, and password. We ask that you log into the video conference a minute or two prior to your scheduled appointment.

How Does Teletherapy Work?

Patients of CAS Counseling will be given the option to meet with their therapist “virtually” via video conferencing. “Teletherapy” has existed for years via phone, email, chat, etc. More recent advances in video conferencing technology has taken it to the next level.

Why Should I Meet With My Counselor Virtually?

Virtual counseling sessions have been growing throughout the years. Patients love being able to meet with their therapist from anywhere. Due to the recent stay-at-home orders caused by the outbreak of COVID-19, CAS Counseling decided it was time to offer this as an option to our patients.

What are the Benefits?
  • Patients receive the benefit of convenience by being able to receive counseling from anywhere.
  • Patients may be able to be more flexible with their time due to cutting back on drive time to our office.
  • Video therapy is superior to email, text, or phone calls because it allows our counselors to see their patients and observe their non verbal communication (facial expression, body language, etc).
  • At CAS Counseling, we are experts in helping to heal those who struggle with eating disorders, relationship issues, and other life transitions. During treatment, our counselors focus completely on our patients. This is why body language, facial expression, and other non verbal queues are so important.
  • Just like our in-person or phone sessions,  your teletherapy session is 100% confidential.

Please note that during the outbreak of COVID-19, we anticipate a higher volume of virtual sessions. During this time, if you would like a teletherapy session but would prefer to not be on video, we can make arrangements for treatment over the phone.


We are here to help! If you have additional questions regarding your care, please don’t hesitate to call.