Group Information

  • Are you frustrated with feeling alone in your journey to make peace with food?
  • Are you working on giving up the diet mentality and moving towards intuitive eating?
  • Do you have questions about Health at Every Size® and would like to discuss with like-minded people?
  • Do you wish you had other people to discuss diet culture with who “get it?”
  • Do you struggle with concepts of body acceptance and body appreciation?


Group Leaders: Laura Henson, RD and Kate Hanson, LCSWA

Offered by: Lutz, Alexander and Assoc. Nutrition Therapy and CAS Counseling Psychotherapy Associates

When:7 Tuesdays – Sept 28 and Oct 5, 12, 19 and Nov 2, 9, 16; 12:00 – 1:00pm EST (No meeting on 10/26)

Where: Virtual

Fee: $280 for seven 1-hour groups

For more information and to register, contact:


Join us for this closed group series, focusing on support and community.  For 7 Tuesdays this fall, we will meet and focus on:

  1. Cultivating Community and Intro to Intuitive Eating/HAES®
  2. Navigating healthcare in a larger body
  3. Body Image
  4. Diet culture
  5. Difference between nutrition/movement guidelines and dieting
  6. Nutrition and Movement as Self Care


This group will offer a brave space, away from diet culture, to discuss important topics related to body acceptance & appreciation, Health At Every Size®, weight inclusive care, Intuitive Eating, and freedom from diet culture. You don’t have to be 100% body positive or have mastered intuitive eating to be in this group.


For more information and to register, contact: