Circles of Support: Education and Community for Parents with Love Ones With an Eating Disorder

Starting soon! Join the waiting list! | Join today! An essential adjunct to traditional treatment, this group will help you feel more connected to your child or teen’s treatment and informed about the complexities of eating disorders. Led jointly by a therapist and dietitian, both who specialize in the treatment of eating disorders, this every other week series will focus on both education and community, providing space for learning, discussion and support.

Brave Bodies Group – A Community Anti-Diet Group

Starts Sept. 28th | Join us for this closed group series, focusing on support and community! Are you frustrated with feeling alone in your journey to make peace with food? Are you working on giving up the diet mentality and moving towards intuitive eating? Do you have questions about Health at Every Size® and would like to discuss with like-minded people? Do you wish you had other people to discuss diet culture with who “get it?” Join us!